Tom Gottelier

Designer at heart

What is your passion?

My personal passion is for adventure. Whether that is the adventure of learning to fly or the adventure of exploring a production process.


What is important for you?

Diversity and Humor


How do you Label yourself?

A designer at heart.


Describe your work in one sentence without using the word ‘design’. Exploration.


How do you relate to the field of well-being?

Well-being for me is the a state of balance in which I am content, a sense of harmony between myself/ the user and the product or activity. Stress and relaxed, Humour and seriousness.


What is well-being for you? How does it reflect in your work?

For me Well-being is the point that I am enjoying what I am doing; work or play. Ideally work and play always cross over. If there is no cross over I loose my sense of well-being so to speak.


Well-being is Human Centered. How to reach people and connect?

My studio always try’s to engage multiple people. Both the end user and through people we collaborate with along the way.


What do you do for the world & what is your input?

My studio brings people together who compliment each others skills in order to explore avenues ether party would not usually look down.


How do others benefit most from what you do?

They either get a product or service that is better as a result of collaboration or they get to be a part of a collaboration where they get to both learn and teach in the process.


What is your way of working regarding the research you do & the strategy you have to reach your audience?

Research within my company sadly almost always starts on a computer, but always moves as quickly as possible to first hand experience. Getting out there and getting our hands dirty.


How do you structure your life?

I travel a lot using our studio in London as a hub to leave from and experiment at. I try to work 5 days a week and spend the weekends flying and exploring the country.


When talking about design what do you want to be associated with. Collaboration. I love to instigate, bringing together the right people who can learn from one enough resulting in something that could only come about as a result of all the elements involved and no other way.


What kind of media are you working with?

With collaboration at the heart of our practice, we are lucky to have a wide range of contacts that when brought into collaborate allow us to work with almost unlimited skill sets.


What type of assignment do you feel comfortable with? (keep your ideal client/ project in mind!)

We find comfort irrelevant. A level of discomfort is needed in order produce something of interest. With the set up we have at our practice we are always safe in the knowledge that if we don’t know how to do something we can always collaborate with someone who does. This combination of knowing and not knowing allows for the one that knows to be pushed by the one that doesn’t.



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