Studio DaG

Design studio

What is your passion?

Basically we want to create and warm and comfortable home without exhausting our world resources.


What is important for you?

Being aware of the world refugee problem the important of a welcome home is becoming more meaningful for us.


How do you Label yourself?

Two hard working people that want to create solutions for a better home.


Describe your work in one sentence without using the word ‘design’.

Studio DaG tries to counter problems with fair preservable products with a twist, creating something new out of old materials and techniques, smart imaginative solutions. We make products with a message, we tell a story that makes people aware of their own behaviour.
How do you relate to the field of well-being?

The question is how can’t not be related to well-being, the whole human instinct is designed to reach a state of well-being.


What is well-being for you? How does it reflect in your work?

Home is in our opinion the same status as well being. At home you should be in a state of being comfortable happy and healthy To call a house a “home” you have to ignore pure functionality. It is with the non-functional items that a house gains warmth and identity.


Well-being is Human Centered. How to reach people and connect?

When you create imaginative solutions in an area that’s is well known to everybody you inspire people to use the same products and ideas in their household to call it a ‘home’


What do you do for the world & what is your input?

We are both idealists who observe the world around them and search, in all modesty, solutions for the things that concern us. The basis of our designs and products are attention and craftsmanship. Both are essential for the soul of a product and with that its emotional preservability.


How would your work influence the future?

To be aware of preservability in design Preservability is the goal. Preservability is the bigger brother of sustainability, and is also about emotion, usability and usage.
How do you explain to your family what your doing?

Our family is coming to our home and see the prototypes and how products and solutions we design are working in a household environment


To whom do you feel connected and target your work?

All company’s and people that want to create a better everyday life at home .


How do others benefit most from what you do?

We listen to what customers want and give options. we are flexible and curve our own style around the wishes of the customer.


What is your way of working regarding the research you do & the strategy you have to reach your audience?

We stay close to our self, we make our own collection with products that fit us and they are our billboards.


How do you structure your life?

With difficulty because private and business are very close because of the overall inspiring theme ‘home’. Practical it comes down on a A3 paper with different lines and colour pens


When talking about design what do you want to be associated with. Shakers, Rietveld, Japanese wood craftmanship


What kind of media are you working with? (skills & programs you use)

We use al Adobe programs and Rhino 3d works but we also manage a lot of craftman skills as furniture making, papercutting, weaving,


What type of assignment do you feel comfortable with?

Assignment that calls for smart and imaginative products for in and around home and al it’s different aspects


Tel: 0611916871

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