Philip Lüschen


What is your passion?

What I like about creating is that I can think more in opportunities in comparison with reality.  I am able to abandon social etiquette and rules of conduct which I normally deal with in everyday life.

This way of working gives me the freedom to rearrange the world to my liking. 

What is important for you?

Taking my ideas very serious. Even if they sound infantile or totally foolish at first. It is then my task to find a way of translating these ideas into mature works. In a commissioned work it is important to me to find a good balance in making a work which satisfies both myself and the clients expectations. Apart from that, the way a work is made I find very important. This gives me often the nickname  ‘mierenneuker’ (in english: ‘ants-fucker’) which is someone who is always hammering on the details of to be made things.

How do you Label yourself?

I often envy people which are for example specialists in one particular discipline like drawing, or craftsman who make only wooden furniture. A clear label seems very comforting to me but for now I think I need to mark the ’multi-discipline’ box.

Describe your work in one sentence without using the word ‘design’.

Inventions of strange, wondrous objects and mysterious situations, aiming to expand people’s imagination.

Well-being is Human Centered. How to reach people and connect?

Well my works do not always serve the ‘well’ in well-being.

Sometimes they can confuse or irritate which is often necessary to challenge or interact with the public to make a point or allure them into an action. 

What do you do for the world & what is your input?

I think I am on this planet to show my imagination, which for the public can work as a tool to start up their thoughts on specific subjects more easily. 

How would your work influence the future?

I am still joining the ‘Time Travel Machine Club’, so please be patient, it looks promising.

How do you explain to your family what your doing?

Currently I just explain how it is.

To whom do you feel connected and target your work?

For every human on this planet and beyond. 

How do others benefit most from what you do?

When ‘others’ are clients I think I am able to deal with their questions in an unconventional way. When ‘others’ is the public I am there to organize or set up interactive and often alienating situations, which challenge the public to participate or to start up their imagination about diverse topics. 

What is your way of working regarding the research you do & the strategy you have to reach your audience?

Well, I have no groundbreaking strategies on how I reach my potential clients. Participate in exhibitions, talks etc and trying hard to be less modest. 

How do you structure your life?

Money- and time wise I am pleased with a steady income of my 1,5 days per week job as an exhibition designer for a museum in Amsterdam. This gives me enough ‘free’ time to work on both commissioned and autonomous work and to save a bit of time for the ‘life’ part.

What kind of media are you working with? (skills & programs you use)

I always work from an idea. It is important for me to learn or make use of, as much disciplines as possible so the translation of an idea always has a suitable appearance. In some commissions I choose to be the concept, graphic-, prop, spatial designer, illustrator, etc etc. In other works I become an art director and I will find specialists which I ask to replace my skills or are experts in a field I have no experience in.  This gives me more focus on the bigger picture. 

What type of assignment do you feel comfortable with?

The ones which are determined for 5% which gives me 95% of own interpretation.


Contact info: /+ (31) 6 47376317


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