Linde Tangelder

Material based design studio

What is your passion?

By rethinking the design process – in industry, and studio based– we work on the field in between. We work on projects that are putting the focus on new material – new interventions – new logic in the process. We believe the touch of hand is most important. We believe in the connection and cross overs in reality and not only in philosophy.


What is important for you?

To find a balance between material research / find the cultural influences and background of a technique / come to results – and most of all I feel it as my task to keep the surrounding energetic and outspoken about new solutions and ideas.


How do you Label yourself?

Destroyer and Builder


Describe your work in one sentence without using the word ‘design’.

By working and feeling comfortable within a project – the outcome directly becomes human. Something touchable can be small or huge.


How do you relate to the field of well-being?

At the moment I discovered we could use the word Well Being for Being Human the relation was made. To see that people directly touch things that are made in our studio, is the confirmation I want :

The more we find balance in all senses, the level of well being will rise. The touch became my most important work- sense – and I hope I can bring more touchabilty to this world.


What is well-being for you? How does it reflect in your work?

Feeling connected. From morning to night. For me well being is to be able to translate in material way. For me well being is also increasing with a diversity and rhythm in the day. A complex goal. Well being is for me most about this: digging and finding. That is why I sometimes would love to have the profession of anthropologists, diggers in our culture.


Well-being is Human Centered. How to reach people and connect?

By being surprised. A normal habit that I can not stop my own curiosity in how to materialize. This brings me to connect and forward this enthusiasm.


What do you do for the world & what is your input?

Even though I have the ambition to change, I do now only keep this strongly in mind. At the moment we cross persons that are open for it, we embrase it. Now we hope to change perceptions on small scale, but hope to continue on large scale.


How would your work influence the future?

By overthinking the process of making. We look at industrial ‘things’ and think how to continue to make them with better feeling. We look at cultural methods / hand made ‘things’ – and think how to make them by machine.


How do you explain to your family what you are doing?

There is no way around it that they understand. In their own special way. I tell different parts to different parts of family. For me it is one story, but I just feel pleased to discuss parts where the connection is already there.


To whom do you feel connected and target your work?

I feel connected to diverse ‘groups’ but maybe not directly the group I work for. But that is the good thing: objects can already speak. And even though I would explain my work differently than another, the base message of the object will be spreaded. I like to use poor and rich material in projects, and I hope to inspire the poor and rich.


How do others benefit most from what you do?

Benefit by seeing how to keep the focus. Benefit from slightly different experiences we create.


What is your way of working regarding the research you do & the strategy you have to reach your audience?

Even though I used to do a lot of experimenting, trial with errors, I now try to find a balance. Try to give some air to the ideas. This works powerfull and brings me further to also concentrate in bringing my work to real.

Still I am best in touching material – and then make conclusions.


How do you structure your life?

By having a sauna once in a while and endless lists.


When talking about design what do you want to be associated with?

Culture & Material . We focus on material specific for the location and client – but also want to be aware of the cultural context it is place in. ‘What can we increase of the exhisting’ is always our goal.


What kind of media are you working with? (skills & programs you use)

I again have to start with material samples, photography, illustrator, rhino and vectorworks I assist on sidelines.


What type of assignment do you feel comfortable with? (keep your ideal client/ project in mind!)

Projects that relate to culture. I like to work with archive or background and translate and use this for new outcome. For example museums : to increase their wealth and to make it more attainable, and to place it in contemporary light.



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