Charlotte Jonckheer


What is your passion?
Observing, sensing and creating .

What is important for you?

A right balance between the design (object), its user and its environment. I like to think of design that should generate a certain movement which connects the user to the object. Movement defines its use.

How do you Label yourself?

I try not to.

Describe your work in one sentence without using the word ‘design’.

My work starts from an investigation of human behaviour and observation of nature in order to create an obvious understanding between the object and its user through shape and materialization.

How do you relate to the field of well-being?

By my interest in human behaviour.


What is well-being for you?
How does it reflect in your work? A belief that it is possible to improve the relation between a person and the things he surrounds himself with.


Well-being is Human Centered. How to reach people and connect?
By observing.


What do you do for the world & what is your input?
Contributing to the idea that creative minds can improve our way of living.


How would your work influence the future?
Not at the moment, but if I can evoke the right emotion with the users of my designs and create an understanding I’m a happy person.

How do you explain to your family what your doing?

I always explain my ideas to them as it clears up a lot.


To whom do you feel connected and target your work?
Anyone open for discussion on the topics I’m working on. At the moment it will be rather a small group, probably interested in design and art, as I am doing a lot of thinking into translating my point of view on design, prototyping.

Ideally, and hopefully later the largest group possible!


How do others benefit most from what you do?
By seeing different possibilities in the use of things.

What is your way of working regarding the research you do & the strategy you have to reach your audience?

Structure and defining the intention in every step of the process.


How do you structure your life?
With a right balance of structure and impulsiveness.


When talking about design what do you want to be associated with?
Hopefully in the future (working for my own, with other creatives or for a company) the idea that timeless design stands for. An understanding between the object and its user that surpasses different generations.


What kind of media are you working with? (skills & programs you use)
Drawing, pen and paper, textiles, photoshop, indesign, illustrator, photography, making models (different media) and collages.


What type of assignment do you feel comfortable with?
One that grows out of reflecting and debating a certain topic with other creatives to develop a design language for a specific client.


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