Bili Regev

Multidisciplinary & future scoping

What is your passion?

My interest lays in questions concerning culture, relations, feelings and technology.

What is important for you?

As a designer, I believe that it is very important to know what is happening around, politics, economies, culture, technology and the in/direct relation between the things. The big picture will reveal itself ones we can make the right connections.

I believe in human centered design. I believe that in order to design for people, we have to work with people, empathize and understand different backgrounds, stories, and cultures, be open for different opinions and be part of different circles.

Creators/designers/makers need to work together, bridge between different disciplines.  Great Ideas and projects are created through collaborations.

How do you Label yourself?

I’m a well being focused multidisciplinary designer. 

Describe your work in one sentence without using the word ‘design’.

I speculate, research connect and propose solutions regarding human daily issues.

How do you relate to the field of well-being?

I’m aware and sensitive for what I need from my surroundings and what surrounding I need. I have an idea of what feelings, people, services and products I want around me. I can naturally relate to other people’s needs and wants through empathy and logic. Hence, as a well being designer, my goal is to strive for a surrounding that people benefit from and feel good at. 

What is well-being for you? How does it reflect in your work?

Well being for me is anything between peoples’ needs and wants, as in groups or as individuals – health, feelings security, experiences and aspirations.

In my work, there is always the intention to improve/influence/analyze how we experience things. What is there, that can be highlighted and thought of so

Well-being is Human Centered.  How to reach people and connect?

I reach people through daily conversations, digital and physical social networks.

What do you do for the world & what is your input?

I question existing paradigms and propose alternatives. my research can be a base for other creators. And my designs can be realized in different scales.

How would your work influence the future?

In parts of my work, I speculate future scenarios and propose alternatives for present issues in consideration to technology and people’s mindsets and needs.

How do you explain to your family what your doing?

I explain that I’m working around people’s needs/feelings and social issues. In that sense, a designer, a researcher and a maker.

To whom do you feel connected and target your work?

I don’t have a specific group with whom I feel more connected. It depends on the brief of the project. I tend to empathize with different groups through research and daily interaction. Naturally, it’s easier to connect to my immediate surroundings and observe. 

What is your way of working regarding the research you do & the strategy you have to reach your audience?

I start usually by observing an issue or finding a specific interest. I raise questions and try to expend the observation point in a few directions.

Then I reach out for the people I would like to consult with for my research; specialists, collaborators and focus groups.

Throughout the process, I start to analyze some ideas graphically and form a communication language. Ideas that can be processed easily by myself and others. I need to understand things in depth in order to react upon them.

If its an ongoing research, I determine what is important to communicate so far in the process, to who it needs to be communicated, and what is the right media depending on the context (an exhibition, a book/magazine, an online publication etc).

A work towards a design proposal defines the appropriate media of communication (product or service).

What is the experience I would like to share with my audience, what ideas need to be highlighted and shape the project, who am I addressing and where. It can be physical or digital.

Fundamental to my multidisciplinary approach is the belief that any medium can be relevant, and any medium can be learned.

When talking about design what do you want to be associated with.

Innovation & technology, social design, well-being, product/service design and user experience. 

What kind of media are you working with?

-Concept development, design research, motion graphics, video and photography, ceramics, molding, Wood, metal and 3D printing. Computer skills: ADOBE master collection, HTML/CSS, Processing. 

What type of assignment do you feel comfortable with?

Concept development, research and product/service design.


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