Engage with the human heart, to change the patterns of society.


Cool Head, Warm Heart,
Human Society

“For me the contribution well-being
design can make to the field is
integrated design with meaning,
purpose and integrity that puts
humanistic values first”.

Ilse Crawford,
Head of Man & Well Being.

Our landscape

Waste based designer


Anticipating designer

Design researcher

Design around the senses


Product designer

Visual editor


Junior designer
at Faye Toogood

& future scoping

Social designer

Design manager
elderly care

Experience designer

FF&E designer at Studio Ilse

Technical innovator in design

Design Studio

Waste base designer

Junior Designer Danskina/
Kvadrat & Maharam Rugs.

Vorm Gever
Giving Form

A piece of gum

Tableware designer &
Food stylist

Senior product

Designer at heart


Material based design studio

Design studio

Design Experimentalist

Bottom-Up designer

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Sanne Ree Barthels


Charlotte Jonckheer




Alexandra Stueck


Hozan Zangana


Michou-Nanon de Bruijn

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Mickaël Wiesengrün


Sonia Kneepkens


Tom Gottelier

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Monique Borsboom


Mieke Cuppen


Annemarie Piscaer


Surya David White

Vincent Kuyvenhoven (1 of 1)

Vincent Kuyvenhoven

Tom van Soest

Tom van Soest

Mickael Boulay_2012_Measuring Less to Feel More

Mickael Boulay


Sebastian Goldschmidtböing




Linde Tangelder


Renee Scheepers

Tafel met bijtafel en orchidee

Studio DaG

philip _uschen

Philip Lüschen


Marthe Biezen


Lukas Peet

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Kim van Hoenselaar


Jeroen van de Gruiter


Hanae Shimizu


Eléonore Delisse


Céline Gabathuler


Bili Regev


Anne Ligtenberg


Anne Feikje Weidema

900px Aoife Wullur Shades of Light 03 - photo Bas Berends

Aoife Wullur

Alumni index

For Mobile and Tablet you can download the Alumni index as a PDF.
Year Student Graduation project Object Material Concept Context Field
2002 Jerry Handgraaf Messing Birdhouse, small boat Brass Increasing the value of objects by making them from a valuable material (brass) Interior/Conversation pieces Surrounding
2002 Jerry Handgraaf Poppen Camera toy Cotton, Wool, Corduroy A series of toys mimicking objects to help adults identify with stereotypes Information/Design toys Mind
2002 Nancye Wilson Layers Seating object Paper, Cardboard, Foam A poof expressing all meanings and aspects of the idea “protection” in material Interior/Furniture/Home Emotion/Surrounding
2002 Nancye Wilson Layers Wallpaper Paper An illustration on wallpaper expressing the idea of “comfort” Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2002 Jessica van den Heuvel Fragility Coasters Sheep's wool,Porcelain Porcelain coasters with a crochet structure, thereby making something seemingly flexible fragile rigid Interior/Tableware/Object revisited Emotions
2002 Jessica van den Heuvel Connected chairs Chairs European walnut, Felt Sets of chairs in which two chairs are joined following three themes: connecting, binding and sharing Interior/Furniture/Home Emotions
2002 Anke van Rossum Made in jail Table Pine wood,Nails A table celebrating the notion that value is added to a product if one knows where it is produced. Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2002 Anke van Rossum Troost Coffee cup Glass A coffee cup with a transparent ring mimicking a mourning-band when filled with coffee. Interior/Tableware/Mourning rituals Emotions
2002 Huigen Koen Antenna mast Antenna Metal An antenna mast saving us from an architectural disaster because of its aesthetics Public space/Mobile Surrounding
2003 Reineke Otten Skin colour Poster Paper, Ink A visual research on the average skin colour of countries Informative/Design Education Knowledge
2003 Nina Geertman Typically Dutch Clothing Wood, Textile Collection of clothing mixing traditional elements with outside influences Fashion/Clothing Senses
2003 Nina Geertman Wax porcelain Hanging lamp Glazed porcelain, Wax Hanging lamps made of with porcelain and wax, changing appearance when turned on or off. Interior/Lighting/Home Senses
2003 Maaike Weijers Hypermobiel Chair Wood, Wool yarn Hypermobile chair of which the joints are flexible. Seating becomes an exercise for a tense body Interior/Furniture/Health Body
2003 Hiromi Watanabe Crystal shawl Shawl Crystals, textile A self-healing shawl which is used by pressing your body onto it, inspired by stone-therapy Fashion/Alternative medication Body
2003 Hiromi Watanabe A pinch of salt Washing bowl Salt, wood Three different bowls, lined with salt for increased cleansing and disinfecting of the body Interior/Bathing rituals/ Home Body
2003 Simone van den Boom Van keukenhulp tot Herb dispenser Glass, cork Herb dispensers shaped according to the organ they can medicate Home/Kitchenware Knowledge
2003 Simone van den Boom Klinische attractie Healthcare service Animation Personalising the radiological visits to a hospital with virtual personal assistant Public Space Surrounding
2003 Charlotte Kusters Spiegelinstrumenten Set of instruments Mirror,Wood,Textile,Metal Educating mirroring instruments which teach children the basics of physics Informative design/Education Knowledge
2003 Charlotte Kusters Walk with me Wall-panel Holes drilled An analog optic panel based on perspective and lines of sight Public Space/Street signage Senses
2003 Andrea Schrijen Protectie Fashion accessories Textile, Metal A series of accessories protecting the body Fashion/Accessories Emotions
2003 Alexander Holwerda Babybedje Cradle Textile, Foam A cradle to be placed in parents bed to create a soft transition into the world. Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2004 Mana Yildiz Personal colour scheme Crayon box Pigments, Beeswax A collection of body colours taken from the body of the designer and translated into crayons Informative Design/Drawing Materials Knowledge
2004 Mana Yildiz Sweating Water container Porcelain A material experiment in porcelain resulting in porcelain that can transpirate to refresh its users Interior/Tableware/Home Senses
2004 Annemarie Schoofs Toy trees/Mini(N)ature Foam tree Foam, Skai Cuddly caricatures of trees mimicking the big world and nature, striking the imagination of children Toys/Education Surrounding/Senses
2004 Annemarie Schoofs Lightcatcher Bowl Metal, Glass A bowl with mirroring facets, meant to not only reflect light but to also be a source of light Interior/Tableware/Home Senses
2004 Carla Specken Touch-technology meets emotions Bracelet Silicone Wristband able to transmit touch over distance, to enable non-verbal communication via data Communication/ Jewellery Emotions
2004 Dirk Bettinger Take your time Lamp and hourglass Glass An integrated lamp and hourglass, to visualize time and make it tangible. Enabling us to slow down Interior/Clock/Home Senses
2004 Kathi Stertzig Sensations Cooking utensils Metal To introduce synesthesia in the kitchen by changing pots and pans so that they stimulate more senses Interior/Kitchenware/Home Senses
2004 Shira Miasnik Kee Digital instrument Wood An instrument, able to create sound, text and visuals by rotating the wooden slice Information Design/ Physical Health Body
2004 Tjalke Bouma Tuning Fence Metal An interactive fence made of tubes producing sound to create a more playful environment Public Space Senses/Surrounding
2005 Lonneke Gordijn Fragile future Light installation Dandelion, Bronze, Led lights Light installation in which lights mimicking dandelion seeds react in a natural way to human approach Interior/Lighting/Home Senses
2005 Maaike van den Berg Embrace Clothing Textile Teenage clothing and underwera that hides the brace and provides protection for matresses Fashion/Clothing Body
2005 Dieuwer ten Braak Tweepersoons Bench Wood A bench, made from local wood, that creates human interaction via a shared seat Outdoor/Furniture Surrounding
2005 Dieuwer ten Braak Fill a form Bags Textile Bags that derive their shape from their content Fashion/Accessories Knowledge
2005 Elke van Raamsognk Binnenin Underwear Textile Childrens underwear that educates them about their body by showing the inside of their bodies Fashion/Clothing/Education Knowledge
2005 Sietze Kalkwijk Kydex keuken Kitchen Kydex, MDF A kitchen which is as transparent as possible in trying to show its function Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2005 Sietze Kalkwijk LED it be Modular light object Led, Plastic A modular lighting object made from LED’s and 3D-printed connectors Interior/Lighting/Home Surrounding
2005 Annemarie Piscaer The beauty of the insignificant Carpet Wool dust Carpet made out of seemingly worthless recycled waste of production processes, giving it value Interior/Textile/New materials/Home Knowledge
2005 Hannah Alijn Slowly it reveals its beauty Curtain Cotton, Foam, Rope Regulating the amount of light by an adaptable curtain Interior/Textile/Home Senses
2005 Karin Vermaat Three2bowl Bowl Bone china Material experiment which creates the illusion of stacked bowls in one bowl Interior/Tableware/Home Knowledge
2005 Monique Borsboom Solid,solid + liquid and solid Glasses Glass Glass bowls which adapt to their function and to the type of food they contain Interior/Tableware/Home Senses
2005 Frank Schotsborg One-two T-shirt Textile Hiphop-inspired adaptable clothing which can weared in different manner Fashion/Clothing Knowledge
2005 Hanna Zoon How would you like to shower today? Shower heads Bamboo, Leather, Wood A collection of shower heads enabling users to have a rough massaging shower to a caressing one Interior/Bathing rituals/Home Senses
2005 Eva Broekhuisje Tasjeland Bags Textile, Leather A collection of bags inspired by a fairytale written by the designer Fashion/Accessories Emotions
2005 Floris Eysinksmeets Manipulate the light Maquette Wood Incidence of light created by moving inside the house, giving the inhabitants maximum daylight Architecture/Interior/ Home Surrounding
2005 Martijn Scholfeld La cle' Key Titanium A key consisting of three rings, which are used to open the door. By twisting, the rings form a doorknob Architecture/Interior/ Home Knowledge
2005 Merel van Tellingen 2.5kg Krijt Toy, diamond needle, chalk Ashes, Wood Giving new life to the death by using their non-biodegradable ashes in three products Souvenir/Burial rituals Emotions
2006 Anne Beckman Sculptsit Sitting sculpture Bamberger sandstone Outdoor sitting object that will transform in shape due to erosion and weathering Public Space/Outdoor Furniture Surrounding
2006 Brecht Duijf Wind pavillion Architectural curtain Ceramic beads A curtain created out of ceramic elements which will move due to the wind, mimicking tree branches Architecture/Facade Senses
2006 Brecht Duijf Mirrors Mirror Metal, Wood, Stone Mirrors in which the type of material decides the size, shape, amount and color of the reflection Beauty/Accessories Senses
2006 Catharina ten Haaf Techne: the secret life of circuits Lamp LED, Heat-resistant paper A lighting object which shows the aesthetics of its circuits Interior/Lighting/Home Knowledge
2006 Ophir Sela Cornerdimmer Dimmer Silver A dimmer for a light integrated into the wall as a small silver strip Interior/Lighting/Home Surrounding
2006 Sarah de Boer Weather hats Hat Waterproof fabrics A series of three hats which will protect you from the weather, all deliberately handmade Fashion/Accessories Surrounding
2006 Nienke Vording Crystal water Caraffe, stopper ice lolly Glass, Rhinestone A set of containers for water with integrated crystals to restore the crystalline structure of the water itself Interior/Tableware Knowledge
2006 Simon Kaepfer Travelling light Light installation Metal.Glass Light installation in which a light is hung from a cable and can travel across this line Interior/Lighting/Home Surrounding
2006 Simon Kaepfer My teahouse Maquette Wood Positive solitude created by drinking tea in a tea-house especially designed for this occasion Architecture Surrounding
2006 Celeste Goncalves Fitness for the senses Tools Plastic Series of helmets that allow you to re-experience the senses Experience Design/Head- wear Senses
2006 Christoph van Bommel Pull on push off Lamp LED, Rope Archetypical lamp shape made using the newest light (LED’s), thereby creating a new archetype Interior/Lighting/Home Surrounding
2006 Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf Schenkkraan Water tap Copper A tap constructed out of a tube that will flip down to give water Interior/Kitchenware/Home Surrounding
2006 Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf Precious Dolls Porcelain Dolls showing imperfections of their production process, thereby commenting on our beauty=image Information/Design Toys Emotions
2006 Tatsuya Maermure Connectivity Lamp Plastic, Wood, Metal Playful lamp with two shadow sides creating different spaces by the movement of the light Interior/Lighting Surrounding
2006 Elise Rijnberg Piationna Cutlery Stainless steel Cutlery that slows down the eating process, thus increasing the joy of eating Tableware Senses
2006 Jantien Rozenberg Shelf Shelf Cedar wood Shelf that bends accordingly to the weight put on top Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2006 Jantien Rozenberg Door handle Door handle Plastic A doorhandle that provides the three functions of opening,closing and locking a door Architecture/Hardware Surrounding
2006 Jennifer Bruinendaal AUM Tool Metal Vibrating tool that helping users to stop thinking and focus on their body instead of on their mind Alternative medication/Health Body
2006 Jennifer Bruinendaal Just hanging around Light sculpture Lamp,Foil A light sculpture creating an atmosphere of intimacy. Light installation Senses
2006 Karlijn Koenen Before/After Clothing Cotton, Wool, Elastic band Collection of garments that changes shape when washed due to the shrinking of specific parts Fashion/Clothing Knowledge
2006 Maureen Gribnau Pepper millstone Peppermill Limestone, Wood,Steel Peppergrinders that show the grinding mechanism, each out of another material Interior/Tableware/Home Senses
2006 Maureen Gribnau Sole Sandals Leather, Rubber Sandal cut out of one piece of leather Fashion/Shoes Knowledge
2006 Ulrike Niesmann Parasol Parasols Metal, Textile Screens that interact with nature and trigger the imagination. Public Space/Furniture Surrounding
2007 Ellen Zoete Dressed by air Cape Silk Bellowing cape to increase your volume to ease yourself in empty spaces Fashion/Clothing Knowledge
2007 Ellen Zoete Tools for light, time and air Pavillions Mirror, Aluminium Pavilions to regain contact with the natural elements (time, wind and light) while being inside buildings Architecture/Interior Senses
2007 Anne Kleinbloesem Dresscode Installation Cardboard,Metal,Textile A retail concept focusing on the shopping window, bringing the storage directly into the shop Public space/Shopping Surrounding
2007 Anne Kleinbloesem Carelab Website Website A website that informs you which medicine is pro- duced to fit your personal needs and specifications Internet/Information Body
2007 Björn Rooijackers On its own Vase Metal Minimalistic vase only providing a surface and a pin to put the flowers on Interior/Accessories/Home Surrounding
2007 Björn Rooijackers Boxed body Cabinet Wood Body-mimicking cabinet to store your precious belongings Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2007 Kaori Leyasu A-wear Cradle Ash wood, Ash, Veneer, Felt A cradle redesigned, in which the cradle is more open and easy to transport. Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2007 Kaori Leyasu Unlock them up! Upper-body clothing Knitted yarn Knitted fashion collection to make people aware of their identity Fashion/Clothing Body
2007 Luuk van der Vugt Kroonjuwelen Sex toys Metal A collection of sex toys which are designed not to be ashamed of them, but to show them proudly Interior/Accessories/Sex/Home Mind
2007 Luuk van der Vugt Dividing veil Room divider Elastic cord Elastic cord room divider which does not close a space, but leaves room for imagination Interior/Accessories/Home Senses
2007 Charlotte Grün Zwartschrift Book Paper, Glue Book about how visually- handicapped people perceive their living environment Information/Book Knowledge
2007 Charlotte Grün Waslijn Clothes line Metal, Rope Reacting to weight, this clothesline stretches tighter with sounds as the laundry dries Interior/Furniture/Home Senses
2007 Ellen Huntjens Apollo Bedside reading lamp Metal, Plastic Music box-inspired reading lamp, which will shut down by itself Interior/Lighting/Home Surrounding
2007 Nacho Carbonell Pump it up Chair Foam, Latex, Textile Textile chair with animals attached that increase size when the user sits on the chair Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2007 Nacho Carbonell Dream of sand Outdoor bench Sand, Rubber Series of street benches in which shape, flexibility and comfort are determined by the production process Public Space/New Material Surrounding
2007 Pieter de Caluwe Hanging lamp Hanging lamp, wardrobe Wood A lamp that can also be used as a wardrobe to break the structure of an organized house Interior/Lighting/Home Surrounding
2007 Pieter de Caluwe Attic shelf Shelf Wood A cupboard inspired by mysterious attics in which you should climb to enter another own world Interior/Furniture/Home Emotions
2007 Veronique Lorne Walkie-talkie wants to stretch Cape Shawl Electricity cord, Textile Cape or shawl knitted from the electric system of a walkie-talkie, communication made visible Fashion/Clothing/New Material Knowledge
2007 Ryohei Yoshiyuki Your level Sidetable, cabinet Metal,Lamp A series of cabinets with different heights. When put together, they form one big cabinet Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2007 Salen van der Swaagh Woven burial cloth Burial cloth Silk, Paper A burial cloth to replace coffin in which you can store precious belongings in the folds Public Space/Cemetery/Burial rituals Emotions
2007 Steven Kessels Moment,time and weight Fan Fiberglass, Carbon fiber Fan with transparent mechanism inspired by old and new techniques Interior/Accessories/Home Knowledge
2007 Jens Schmidt The receiving chair Chair Rubber, Wood Flexible chair to create a body-conscious seating experience Interior/Furniture Body
2007 Jori Spaa Levensringen Jewelery rings Metal Ten rings with a seed inside, to be planted to memorize an important moment such as death Fashion/Jewelery/Memory Souvenir Emotions
2007 Liora Rosin Precious disposables Cutlery Silver, Gold coloured metal Cutlery designed to be carried, to be able to eat anywhere and serve as jewellery when not used Interior/Tableware/Jewelery Surrounding
2007 Liora Rosin All things fall by their own weight Salt cellar Porcelain Porcelain containers playing with the weight of salt whilst receiving, containing and providing it Interior/Tableware/Home Knowledge
2007 Cebine Nieuwenhuize Biet'n akn aaie? Night lamp Leather, Fur Scary nocturnal animals-inspired night lamp, which show how they can protect you from darkness Interior/Lighting/Home Emotions
2007 Joyce Meulenpas Table sounds Table Metal, Pressure sensors Playful sound-generating table to increase social integration of visually impaired Information/Furniture Senses
2007 Joyce Meulenpas Skim Razor Technical ceramic A razor made out of ceramics, that represents the two sides of shaving : delicate or sharp Interior/Bathing rituals Body
2008 Guus van Leeuwen Power plant Compost bin Plastic, Metal Self-sufficient heat-generating compost bin with three applications: hot tub, garden shower, chair Outdoor/Bathing/Furni- ture/Lighting Knowledge
2008 Guus van Leeuwen Huis dieren Heater Cotton, Fur, Heating Heating pipes shaped like animals with portable furs on top Interior/Central heating/Home Surrounding
2008 Hanneke Geurts van Kessel Case Bookcase Brass, Wood Bookcase aiming to be used during an entire life, and in the end, as a coffin Interior/Furniture/Burial/Ritual/Home Surrounding
2008 Hanneke Geurts van Kessel Table fountain Water tap Glass Water-container installation aiming to visualize beauty of water Interior/Hardware/Water/Home Senses
2008 Igino van Haandel Doorlight Lamp LED, Plastic, Metal sheets Lamp charged by opening and closing a door Interior/Lighting/Home Knowledge
2008 Ilse Waltjen Fluid Soap Clay, Salt crystals Soap collection in which the hard shell of soap functions as packaging for fluid soap Interior/Bathing/New Material Body
2008 Jon Stam Curiousity cabinet Cabinet Cedar wood Bring together the virtual and the physical world into a cabinet of curiosities Interior/Furniture/Home Emotions
2008 Keisuki Hori Cups of coffee set Coffee cup, coffee pot Ceramics Simplified, stackable coffee set designed to move the coffee-making ritual to the coffeetable Interior/Tableware/Home Knowledge
2008 Keisuki Hori Break-wear Glasses Rubber, Porcelain, Lens Pair of glasses shaped by user through breaking for perfect fit Fashion/Eyewear Body
2008 Takeshi Kuboi Slow stationery Office accessories Powder coated metal Five office accessories radiating the warmth and cosiness of the house Interior/Office/Accessories Surrounding
2008 Marcia Nolte Corpus 2.0 Pictures Paper, Ink Seven portraits showing how the body could adjust itself to the design of products Information Design/Intangible world Knowledge
2008 Marcia Nolte Changing space Carpet Felt Large foldable carpet to create a space within a space Interior/Textile/Home Surrounding
2008 Maren Hartveld Tender tub Bathtub Sponge rubber, Rubber Bathtub which plays with the idea of fluidity as it is made from a soft material Interior/Bathing/Home Surrounding
2008 Michou-Nanon de Bruijn Koelkachel Fridge chair A modern fridge with a warm seat, inspired by 18th century kitchens Interior/Kitchen/Home Surrounding
2008 Michou-Nanon de Bruijn Individual idea Picture dictionary Paint, Canvas Visual dictionary of furniture, carpetry and tableware used in terraced houses Information Design/Interior/Home Knowledge
2008 Mieke Cuppen Served Cooking set Ceramics A five-pieces ceramic cooking set that unites all actions from cooking to serving Interior/Kitchen/Home Senses
2008 Mieke Cuppen Coccyx Bags, jewels, clothing Suede, Suedine A bag collection in which each bag is related to a part of the human body Fashion/Accessories Body
2009 Wendy Legro Morning glory Lamp Light sensors A lamp to bring the sun, our natural light source, back into our lives Interior/Lighting/Home Senses
2009 Wendy Legro Hot water bottle Hot water bottle Felt, Polyurethane rubber A hot water bottle that fit better with the natural curves of the human body Interior/Bedroom/Accessories Body
2009 Roos Kuipers Precious tear Accessories Glass, Bamboo, Yarn Accessories that collect and treasure tears Interior/Souvenir/Accessories Emotions
2009 Roos Kuipers Mark the last veil Coffin Wood, Cotton, Bamboo An open coffin made of traditional elm, with round, soft forms that softens this moment Death/Funeral Emotions
2009 Katharina Ludwig Defensive mechanism for the human being Clothing accessories Textile A series of clothing and accessories into which you can withdraw Fashion/Clothing/Accessories Emotions
2009 Katharina Ludwig Hosting parasites Accessories Ceramics, Textile A series of small parasites that can be attached to the body Fashion/Clothing/Accessories Body
2009 Yoeri Treffers Flower bomb Clay and seeds bombs Clay, Seeds Balls made out of clay and wet earth that you plant by throwing them Outdoor/Planting system Knowledge
2009 Yoeri Treffers Inflatable void Inflatable cube Polythene An inflatable cube made of polythene to create some private space Public Space Surrounding
2009 Dominic Plüer Heimat Container for kirsch Ceramics, Glass, Tin A container for kirsch in the form of an abstract body Interior/Tableware/Home Emotions
2009 Dominic Plüer Permutation Table Plastic, Metal The transformation of a table into an unknown, strange and mysterious object Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2009 Jet Scholte Late bloomer Outdoor lamp Beeswax An outdoor lamp made from beeswax that changes with changes in natural circumstances Outdoor/Lighting Knowledge
2009 Zoubida Tulkens Rosae Wallpaper Petals, Natural glue Wallpaper made out of petals from rejected roses from flowerfarms Interior/Textile/Home Knowledge
2009 Lea Haefliger Hair brush Brushes Animals' hair A series of brushes for hair, face and nails that take on a mystical characteristi Beauty/Hair product Body
2009 Lea Haefliger Insecure cutlery Cutlery Metal Cutlery floating between two or three-dimensional Interior/Tableware/Home Senses
2009 Lukas Peet Shape/Form Tableware Silver, Ceramics Tableware from the idea that cutlery is an extension of the body Interior/Tableware/Home Senses
2009 Lukas Peet Surface tension Desk table Wood, Leather A writing and drawing table without sharp edges to enable concentrated and pleasant working Interior/Furniture/Home Senses
2009 Marieke van der Bruggen Garden of delight Sugar confectionery Sugar Liquefied sugar confec- tionery in the shapes of abstract branches and twigs Rituals Senses
2009 Marieke van der Bruggen Infographic skin Blanket Textile An abstract patchwork of layers represents the skin, our largest and most visible organ Data Knowledge
2009 Oskar Peet Reflection,distortion and color bleeding Room dividers Metal A series of room dividers that play with large surfaces and perception of the viewer Interior/Furniture/Home Emotions
2009 Anne Marie Kruijswijk Magazine Magazine Magazine A magazine made of photos of places that have a storage function Information/Data storage Surrounding
2009 Konstantin Schmolzer References to a different world Street lamp Concrete, Glitter A street lamp that gives city residents the opportu- nity to step out of the busy traffic for a moment or two Public space/Lighting Surrounding
2009 Djim Berger Fragile textile Shelf Ceramics, Wool A fragile porcelain shelf for displaying precious items Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2009 Lizanne Dirkx Drinking fountain Drinking fountains' glasses Glass (Earthenware) A drinking fountain, where you can fill your glass, creates a meeting place in a space Outdoor/Public Space Body
2009 Amélie Onzon From fable to table Table Wood, Ceramics A chair and funnel to make the production of foie-gras less violent for the ducks Industries Emotions
2009 Rene Siebum Second skin Bookcase and lamp Wood A bookcase and lamp in one, inspired by Japanese architecture Furniture/Home/Private Surrounding
2009 Anna van der Lei Low light Lamp Porcelain A lamp that gives light a new position and allows it to move Interior/Lighting/Home Surrounding
2009 Anna van der Lei Badkast Sauna Pine wood The Dutch version of a Finnish sauna where dressing room and bathing space are combined Interior/Bathing rituals/ Home Surrounding
2010 Saskia van der Steen Water lens Stool Glass A water-filled glass seating object that will mirror, enlarge, distort and flow Interior/Furniture/Home Senses
2010 Saskia van der Steen Light projector Lamp Metal This light projector demonstrates the magical properties of light Interior/Lighting/Home Senses
2010 Yung Yu Choi Cloud stool Stool Wool, Fluff A stool like a cloud. Each shape is unique, the shapes and hues vary as they would in real clouds. Interior/Furniture/Home Senses
2010 Camille Cortet Transformations Fashion accessories Textile Fabric and accesories that have been inspired by the ability of animals to transform themselves. Fashion/Textile/Accesories Senses
2010 Maartje Santbergen In need of water Containers Ceramics The pots in the ' In the need of water' range will make caring for three difficult exotic plants easier Interior/Accessories/Home Knowledge
2010 Maaike Seegers Temporary tub Bathtub PVC coated polyester The temporary tub is a foldable tub that can be hung in the bathroom Interior/Bathing rituals/ Home Surrounding
2010 Maaike Seegers Meltware Containers Stoneware, Wax Kitchenware that can be produced for its need and melted after its use Interior/Kitchenware/New Material Surrounding
2010 Ellis Droog Mosquito wig Cloth for bedroom Synthetic hair Mosquito Wig is a hairy object to both move around in and hide under: a mosquito net. Interior/Bedroom/Home Surrounding
2010 Sophie Mensen Watertable Sink Plastic, Rubber, Metal Watertable is a tap in wich the water forms its own wash basin Interior/Bathing rituals/ Home Surrounding
2010 Pomme van Hoof Bedbank Bed Wood Bedbank is a bed that allows people to retreat quickly with their own thoughts and dreams Interior/Bedroom/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2010 Pomme van Hoof Concrete choreographics Paving stones Concrete, Metal A series of concrete paving stones that will encourage people to dance. Public Space/Street Surrounding
2010 Denise van der Sar Whispering chair Chair Wood, Textile A chair to make whispers more bewitching. A platform for timid voices and intimate conversations. Public Space/Street Furniture Emotions
2010 Garance Echazaretta Archipel Furniture Wood, Textile Furniture that is mini ar- chitecture Multifunctional piece / sculptural object Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2010 Garance Echazaretta The beast Seat Foam, Rubber Mysterious creature that offers you an unusual seat, allowing you to immerge yourself in foam Interior/Furniture/Home Senses
2010 Karlijn Kuipers Curb Sofa Cotton, Horse hair, Wood Curb is a sofa that twins natural shapes with accentuated lines Public Space Surrounding
2010 Emilie Pallard Long view Lamp Ceramics A lamp that is reminescent of a pair of binoculars. Its shape is an invitation to use it as one Interior/Lighting/Home Senses
2010 Emilie Pallard Domestic disguise Blankets Textile This suggestive collection of Domestic Disguise explores the power of imagination Interior/Textile/Home Senses
2010 Brigitte Coremans Miscarriage coffins Coffins for the stillborn Bio-degradable materials Six little biodegradable coffins in different sizes for burying stillborn children Burial rituals Emotions
2010 Brigitte Coremans Reconnect women with their fertility Menstruation clock Brass, Paper Clocks as a wireless visual archives representing woman’s reproductive system. Medical instrument/Health Body
2010 Sarah de Ruijter Fusion Tea set Copper, Porcelain A new tea set to connect different cultures and create new tea ceremonies Interior/Tableware/Home Emotions
2010 Chloe Pouzoulet Dune Rug Wool A rug that makes us one with our surroundings Interior/Textile/Home Senses
2011 Bennie Meek Death is natural Walls Wood, Steel Three places where the dead will be restored to the cycle of nature Public SpaceBurial rituals Emotions
2011 Daan van der Zanden Heartbeats Clocks Brass The clocks don’t show the time but only how it passes. Interior/Accessories/Home Knowledge
2011 Eva Smeltekop Koelkast 2.0 Fridge Glass, Wood, Electronics A fridge to conserve and display sweets and snacks which are not suited for the classic refrigerator. Interior/Kitchen accessories/Home Surrounding
2011 Hanae Shimi-Zu Inspired by scarcity Book Paper A book that collects ingenious ideas born out of necessity during First and Second World War Informative design/Education/Book Knowledge
2011 Izabela Boloz Living on elastic Table, stool, hanger Rubber A series of objects that respond to their environment in a natural way. Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2011 Makiko Shinoda Shade of light Toy Leather, Wood, Texties A toy made from several materials to trigger the senses from an early age. Toy/Education Senses
2011 Lenneke Langenhuijsen Wooden textile Textile Wooden textile Wooden textile is the result of an ongoing search for innovative materials. Textile/New Material Knowledge
2011 Marthe Biezen Extended drawer Drawer Wood The objects stimulate the imagination and break through the passive dynamic of waiting. Public Space Mind
2011 Monique Habraken Pinhole window view Curtain Paper, Video A curtain capturing silhouettes of surrounding interior. Interior/Textile/Home Senses
2011 Payam Askari Bouquet of flowers Glass vials Glass A series of glass vials containing elixirs in order to revive the power of this under-used fragrance. Interior/Accessories/Home Senses
2011 Philip Lüschen Wait here Nose stand Plastic, Metal, Book Objects stimulating the imagination and break through the passive dynamic of waiting. Public Space Mind
2011 Yuko Miyazaki Landscape Desk Wood, Ceramics, Textile Personal workplace to revive flagging concentration and inspiration. Interior/Workspace Mind
2011 Tom Gottelier Candle castle Candles Wax A series of wax to recon- nect to the pleasure of childhood through playful construction. Interior/Accessories Senses
2011 Sebastian Goldschmidt-Böing Lampe Lamp Copper, Plastic An imperfect shoe shelf, because there is no such thing as perfection. Interior/Lighting/Home Senses
2011 Sebastian Goldschmidt-Böing Shoe shelf Shoe shelf Wood The lamp to bring back the feeling for light. Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2011 Yannic Alidarso The synergy Cabinet Wood, Pigments A bare, elm wood cabinet designed to be decorated using natural pigments people collect themselves. Architecture/Interior/ Home Mind
2011 Makiko Shinoda Shade of light Toy Leather,Wood, Textile A toy made from several materials to trigger the senses from an early age. Toy/Education Senses
2012 Aike Heuvelink Tree Lamp installation Wood, Epoxy, LED The dialogue between the wood and epoxy board gives body and value to light. Interior/Lighting/Home Surrounding
2012 Alissa van Asseldonk Corpus commodus Book Paper Creating awareness around organ donations. Informative design/Education Knowledge
2012 Asnate Bockis Floating among clouds, trapp and cloud Sofa/boat,bench/Island Wood, Foam, Textile Furniture converting into floating buoys in case of flood. Public Space/Interior/Furniture Surrounding
2012 Brit van Nerven Veil and reveal Clothes Textile Materialisation of women’s opinion on their bodies, translated into custom made pieces. Fashion/Clothing Body
2012 Cleo De Brabander Preserved knowledge Therapeutic kit Rubber Revisiting the way of conserving food. Interior/Kitchenware/ Home Surrounding
2012 Mats Horbach Imagine what you see Installation Ladder, Handbook, Models An installation challenging our imagination and perception of the world Experience design/Education Knowledge
2012 Mickael Boulay Measuring more to feel less Medical instrument LED light,Plastic Intuitive medical tool for diabetes to measure their blood sugar Physical health/Medical instrument Body
2012 Mickael Boulay Transitions Cutlery for disabled people Silver A series of cutlery to develop motor skills and increase disabledpeopleabilities PhysicalHealth/Medicalinstrument Body
2012 Rachelle Klassen Little shop of answers Installation Paper,Wood,Immaterial A human version of Google. Public space/Experience design Knowledge
2012 Rogier Arents Secret signals Pen plotter Paper, Video Visualising scientific data Informative design/Data visualisation Knowledge
2012 Sonia Kneepkens Inside me Wooden floor Diff. types of wood veneer A wordless book to help patients cope with their chemotherapy Architecture/Interior/ Home Mind
2012 Vincent Kuyvenhoven Carbon dioxide digesters Machine Serpentine stone By taking this stone out of the ground and exposing it to the atmosphere, we can help nature process the carbon Architecture/New material Surrounding
2012 Wonmin Park Unfocussed Table Resin A materialisation of an experienced happy moment in nature. Interior/Furniture/Home Emotions
2012 Roosje de Groot Inner shelf Shelf
2012 Aukje Fleur Janssen Merging materials Table Wood, Epoxy, Synthetic resin A sensitive table with an organic and synthetic skin. Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2012 Kirstie van Noort Ceramic paint, collection Cornwall Cup,jug,pot Ceramics Researching and materialising the region of Cornwall in colour and shape using ceramics. Ceramicsl Knowledge
2012 Tom van Soest Blended materials Machine Demolition waste, Stone A second life for demolition waste through development of a new interior surface material. Interior/New materials/Architecture Surrounding
2012 Roy Verbakel Brainpens Pens Rubber, Aluminium A series of pens which highlight a secondary function to stimulate the thinking Interior/Furniture/Home Surrounding
2013 Tsuyoshi Hayashi Kaware bench Bench Japanese rooftop tiles A second life for wasted Japanese rooftop tiles Interior/Furniture/Home Knowledge
2013 Anne Feikje Re-covered Heavy blanket Wood, Textile A relaxing blanket manipulating pressure points on the body to decrease the level of stress. Interior/Textile/Physical Health Body
2013 Bob de Graaf Species of ilumination Two lamps Glazed porcelain, Wax Pet like lamps expanding the barriers between human and object. Interior/Lighting/Home Surrounding
2013 Eric van de Wijdeven Space for otherness Cube for performance Bare fluoresent light Recreating the atmosphere of psychiatric hospitals to create awareness. Experience design/Mental health Mind
2013 Hozan Zangana Shaping from intuition Marble mortar, containers Wood A mortar designed with Dutch and Iraqi influence. Interior/Kitchenware/ Home Emotions
2013 Jelle Masterbroek Splendour lender Music installation, Pronkkast Salt,Wood An emotional interpretation of the Dutch pronk- kast questioning the place of money. Interior/Conversation piece Emotions
2013 Nienke Bongers Mirabilia wall paper Wallpaper Paper Interactive wallpaper that stimulates our imagination. Interior/Wallpaper/Home Surrounding
2013 Lissa Zengerink Invisible manifestation of a wireless world Illustration/Projection Projection Visualising invisible data of our hight-tech devices. Informative design/data visualisation/Communication Knowledge
2013 Renee Scheepers Revealing maps of cancer care Mapping installation Wood, Paper Bring understanding to cancer patients during the different steps of their treatment. Informative design/Healthcare Mind
2013 Sanne Ree Barthels Settings of connection Modified walkers 2nd hand furniture Installations designed to facilitate the contact between Alzeihmer victims and their surroundings. Communication/Healthcare Mind
2014 Raya Stefanova Invisible life Vessels/Web platform Soil, Micro-organisms Reintroduction of natural micro-organisms into our life through different narratives. Informative design/Home Knowledge
2014 Teresa van Dongen Ambio Lamp Octupus bacteria, Glass Lamp activating through movement of bacteria its own source of energy. Interior/New material/Lighting Knowledge
2014 Eleonore Delisse The Circadian Clock Lamp Dichoric glass, Wood, Lamp Reconnecting our body with the cycle of natural light. Interior /Lighting/Mental health/Home Mind
2014 Bili Regev Somewhere in the future Urban street kiosk, app Wood, Digital A new way of living for future generations, encouraging a social cohesion. Public Space/Social connections Knowledge
2014 Alexandra Stück Urban sports patch Therapeutic kit Herbal Kneipp Textile A modern and therapeutic ritual to reconnect with nature and increase our healthy comfort. Physical Health/Cosmentics/Textiles Body
2014 Anne Couillard 5ème Quartier Installation Leather, Metal, Veg. material Reusing discarded leather pieces to restore its value and create awareness. Public space/Communication Knowledge
2014 Anne Lichtenberg Dyslexia Book Paper Combining visuals with language to create aware- ness about Dyslexia. Public space/Social connection Knowledge
2014 Anne Lichtenberg Playing With Impulses Game Wood A game for children of autistic parents to help them identify with their parent’s behaviour Mental health/Toy Mind
2014 Celine Gebathuler Stone kitchen Stone, Mineral,Knife Different types of stones Revalorise stone by using its properties to design kitchen tools. Interior/Kitchenware/ Home Surrounding
2014 Julie de Mol Raw essence Object absorbing smells Hay, Pine, Beeswax Using scents of raw materials to create sculptural tools releasing or absorbing smells. Interior/Home Surrounding
2014 Kim van Hoenselaar Landscaping floors Wooden floor diff. types of wood veneer A wooden floor translating the qualities of a landscape. Architecture/Interior/ Home Surrounding
2014 Mickael Wiesengrün Revelateur Installation Glass, Steel structure Revealing the smells that could be experienced in the past function of the Witte Dame. Architecture/Interior/Perception Senses
2014 Nina Gauthier Urtica Textile Urtica (stinging nettle) Textiles and dyes using the properties of the plant urtica. Interior/Textiles/Home Knowledge
2014 Sanne Muiser Tactile Corpuscles Fabric reminiscent of fur Wood, Sisal, Latex Highly tactile fabrics inspired by the power of our skin on our senses. Textile/New materials Senses
2014 Valeriane Lazard Counterpoise Moving seat Wood, Stone A seat as a counterweight encouraging healthier work position. Interior/Home Senses
2014 Linde Freya Tangelder Working Structures Table, cup Wood, Metal Series of objects incor- porating natural forms to make the office feel like a second home Interior/Home Surrounding
2014 Tijmen Smeulders Versatile Volumes Pitcher, mirror, rug Porcelain, alluminium, wool Studying daily items, recon- sidering and redesigning their volume, light and perception Interior/Home Surrounding
2014 Maddalena Selvini S-pot Heating storing vessels Soapstone Kitchen objects storing heat over long periods to in- crease the sensorial comfort Interior/Kitchenware/Material properties Surrounding

Mission & vision

Weaving crafts & thinking,
Man & Well-Being creates
a concious perception
enabling future designers
to deal with the complexities
of human nature.